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November 4

Visit to Piet Hein Eek

Some pictures from today's visit to Piet Hein Eek at Strijp-R. We visited the showroom and the store. We also visited the lobby and the roof top area of the newly opened Piet Hein Eek hotel. 

To visit and know what or how it is in the inside is always fascinating. Glad to have visited one of the famous places in Eindhoven. 

See you all next week! Until then, fijn weekend allemaal!

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October 28

Holland Expat Center (HEC) and Internationals

Yesterday with Audrey, Merve and Mina, we had a lovely session with Cindy at Coffeelab. We were interviewed by Cindy (😊) regarding Holland Expat Center South and us. There were a couple of questions. What the replies were? Well, we can maybe talk about that once Cindy finishes her research. No spoiler for now. 😊 

Besides that, it was the first time for Mina in the Get in Touch, and it was nice having her in the group. 

Though the google picture for Coffeelab is confusing, we found the place and enjoyed our tea. As Audrey said yesterday, maybe next time we can go there to enjoy the brownies which really tempted Audrey yesterday. 😊

See you all next week. Until then, fijn weekend allemaal! 

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October 21

City Centre and Dutch Design Week

Despite the confusing weather yesterday, we all had a nice walk around the city centre. With Audrey, Merve and our newest member Nasrin (thank you Merve for informing her about the program), we visited five Dutch Design Week expositions.

1. Former VVV building: The expo is about envisioning Eindhoven in 20 years. It is an interactive expo where you can paste stickers with different logos that you would like to see (more) in the areas displayed there.

2. Former COFFEELAB: The Expo is research on what we would like to see more in Eindhoven; Technic, Design, Knowledge, Social, and Culture. You can also share ideas on what new project/s you would like to see or even do by yourself. 

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