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'I DO'

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‘I DO’ – 26TH JUNE- 17TH JULY 2021 @PENNINGS FOUNDATION ‘I DO’ was a three weeklong photo-exhibition themed on Wedding culture that took place at Pennings Foundation. Together with a team of 16 from Get in Touch Family and Friends and four from Pennings, we successfully installed the exhibition. We had different activities every weekend: 1) 26th June: Opening Day with short intro from Carola and Megha about the Get in Touch Program and the exhibition, sharing short story by Audrey and Nikita, and a Bollywood dance performance by Audrey and Nikita. 2) 3rd July: Henna Art by Nikita and Thasni 3) 10th July: Saree draping workshop by Swapnali 4) 17th July: Closing Day with poetry recitations in our own language and translating in English. Poems were connected to weddings or commitment. Participants: Audrey (French), Carola (English), Megha (Newari song), and Nikita (Hindi). Background: Inspired from the presentations on wedding culture during our GiT Meetups in 2018, Megha came up with the idea of a photo-exhibition. One after another learning about weddings in Brazil, Colombia, India, Iran, and Nepal, and seeing those beautiful pictures, it felt like a nice journey to share with others as well. The GiT members were very excited about this project. When Petra Cardinaal from Pennings Foundation gave a green signal to our idea, we began our journey of this project. We started sharing our stories and pictures of our own weddings. Then from January 2021, we started preparing and planning for our exposition planned for 25th July together with the Pennings’ team. And as the discussion kept going on, we came up with new ideas as well. At the end, it was no longer only about weddings. It was more about the commitment we have for one another and the journey that came with that. Team: Organizers: Audrey, Megha and Nikita Moderator: Carola Participants: Audrey, Binda, Bindu, Carina, Farzana, Kateryna, Komala, Laura, Marcela, Megha, Nandita, Nuno, Oleksandr, Renisa, and Viviana. Pennings Team: Anke, Irma, Maxime, and Petra

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