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September 22

Meeting for a Drink @Restaurant Stories

Yesterday we had planned to meet at Het Cryudenhuisch for a Turkish delicacy workshop by Sumak Eindhoven. But we had to postpone that for 6th October. (I hope everything is well with you now @Aysegul. Looking forward to meeting you in two weeks.)

So instead, today, Audrey, Maryam and her little one, and I went to Restaurant Stories at Strijp S for a drink. Since Maryam had never been to Strijp S, we decided to go for this place. We all tried the red homemade ice tea being unsure whether to order a hot drink or a cold drink. Was good. 😊

Different topics were on the table. But since Maryam is new to Eindhoven and she wanted to know about kids-friendly parks, we talked about different parks in Eindhoven. 🌳 We talked about the Apple and pearpicking season at Philips de Jongh Park, which is almost at it’s end for this year. 🍎🍐 We also talked about zoos nearby and Beekse…... Read More

September 15

Visiting De Bibliotheek Eindhoven

Today with Audrey, Binda and her little Eersta, and our newest member Upasna, we visited De Bibliotheek Eindhoven. For Binda and Upasna it was their first time at the library. Exploring around, it felt new to everyone with their changed interior, mostly at the kids’ section. Our next stop was Blik op Eindhoven. But we still had time for that.

So, it was perfect for us to exchange our experiences, expectations, challenges especially since Upasna is new to Eindhoven. We all had many things in common. Challenges in finding a job to falling in love with Eindhoven. But amongst all, what stood at the top was our appreciation towards the TU/e. How the TU/e helps in the VISA process which for a non-European makes things easier and stress-free. And then when you arrive here program like Get in Touch awaits you for free. Well, we all feel it’s unbelievable when it comes to their concern for accompanying partners. B…... Read More

September 9

Creating Your Own Décor with Crochet Appliques


Hi ladies ! Megha asked me to write a few lines about today’s meeting. It was just the two of us but we had a lot of fun putting together the crochet heart appliques and discussing about all kind of things from family stories to the uncertain evolution of the Covid situation, also including topics about hair length, anger management, Creative Town (Yolima's shop)...

For the decor, I chose quickly the colors that I wanted to use : green, orange and yellow, my favorites ! Megha struggled a bit but eventually settled for a colorful mix.

For the second one, I wanted more green and no yellow, but just two colors was not satisfying so I added a bit of grey. Megha was very lost at that point but she wanted to use some blue, I told her that the blue, red and grey were nice together, but it reminded he…... Read More