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October 29

Events and Festivals Around October till December

Thank you, Ashlee and Eva, for joining us today. 🙏

Thank you, Nicole, for an interesting presentation on the events and festivals that are celebrated around this time of year. 🙏A different perspective to look at those events and festivals under different circumstances.

Different events have been cancelled, such as Eindhoven Marathon, Dutch Design Week, and GLOW. 😞And there are festivals on their way. So, today was not only about what events we missed this year or the festivals that are yet to come; but also examined what the consequences and issues connected to them are. And how those festivals would/ could be celebrated. 🤔

And since we have been staying home for quite some time now, how we are passing our days was another topic on the table. And watching movies and series seem to be helping in this pandemic. 🎬Ended u…... Read More

October 22

New Start with Introduction Using 2 Truths and a Lie

Thank you, Sun Qi, Ashlee, Viviana, Negar, and Prajitha, for joining in today.

Wow! What an interesting day! Meeting each other, though online, after a couple of weeks, it was wonderful. On top of that, playing 2TRUTHS AND A LIE was not just fun and interesting; we got to know who can convince their lie as a truth. 😊

Two rounds went quickly. And it wasn’t easy all the time. They were tricky at times. It was a good idea Sun Qi to get clues by asking questions. 😊 It helped to catch the lies most of the time. 😊 And of course, we learned few more things about one another. For instance, whether you like sushi or not; whether you love learning Dutch or learning yoga; what your favorite color is; how you have travelled for half a year with just your backpack around the world; whether you drive both manual and automatic cars or not; whether you have a pet or not; and …... Read More