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February 16

English Conversation Meetup (06)

Perk of having activities online: you can always join in the last minute. You can never be late unless of course you join after the session is over. 😊 

It was nice to see old and new getting to know each other. Even better when you meet someone with certain commonalities. 😊 Glad you all could join. 

See you all next week. Until then, I hope you will enjoy the carnival ambience. If not, that’s also okay. 😊 Fijn weekend allemaal! 

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February 14

Coffee Meetup (01)

When Maria asked me if we could meet on Tuesday, there was no way I would miss that chance. She was coming to Eindhoven from Maastricht, and it had been a while we met. So, we decided to meet on Tuesday at 14:30.

More the merrier, right? So, I asked in the GiT group if others can join us as well. And I’m glad we made this plan.

Chloe, Elham and Maria were meeting each other for the first time. But didn’t feel like that. There are always interesting topics to talk about. For instance, places to visit in the Netherlands, housing, driver’s license, travel, culture, and many more.

During the conversation we realized it would be nice to visit other cities in the Netherlands together. So, we made a list with some future destinations. First in the li…... Read More

February 9

English Conversation Meetup (05)

Sharing your experience is helpful not just to yourself but to others as well. And that is what exactly happened yesterday.

Marcela shared about her experience which was very helpful for Reza. We explored on various aspects. What are you looking for? Where to start from? Will this help improve my English? To go with a job that comes with socializing or to go with the one that may not have much of socializing to do.

On the other side, Reza’s experience on converting driver’s license was insightful t…... Read More