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July 17

"I Do" Closing

On 17th July, Saturday, we wrapped up our 3 weeks long photo-exhibition ‘I DO’ at Pennings Foundation. We closed our beautiful journey with some beautiful poems in their native language followed by translation and conversation. I talked about the Newari song that is used for my wedding video. Audrey Fournier read two French poems, Nikita read a poem in Hindi, and Carola Eijsenring wrote a poem in English on special request. All connected to love, commitment, and life. We also had Ashok, Owl in the City, who played beautiful music for us. We had a wonderful CLOSING with our friends and family present there.🤗😍

Thank you Carola Eijsenring for encouraging, supporting and moderating this project of GiT.🤗🙏

Thank you Ed Heerschap, Femke Verheggen and Willem van Hoorn for always supporting GiT.🤗🙏

Thanks to Petra, Anke, Irme and Maxime from Pennings Foundation for the green signal for the project as well as molding our ideas and materials in such a beautiful manner.🙏 Read More

July 15

Making Mo:Mo:s🥟Together

We had a wonderful time making mo:mos together. With Audrey, Advaita, Lana, Negar and Nikita, we made two kinds of mo:mos: Chicken and Vegetable mo:mo in international shapes. 😁 Lots of chats, lots of mo:mos, and lots of fun. Good combination. 👍

We even ended up packing some goodie boxes for the CLOSING day of our exhibition 'I DO' happening this Saturday 17th July. ☺️

Until next week, fijn weekend allemaal!

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July 10

"I Do" Saree Draping

Another weekend with another interesting workshop offered during our ongoing photo-exhibition ‘I DO’. The ambience was very colorful with beautiful colorful sarees brought by our dear Swapnali. The ambience got more fun and interesting with people adorned in saree 🥻 and the one-to-one interactions on different topics like tradition of wearing saree, the style of wearing it, and different types of sarees.😍

Thank you so much Swapnali for the lovely 🥻workshop. The energy and speed you had (draping one person after another), it was amazing to see that.🤗😘🤩

Thanks as well to our friends and all the curious and interested faces who attended the workshop.🤗

Happy to share some captures from today’s lovely moments. Hope you all will enjoy them.🤗😍

Next week will be the CLOSING DAY …... Read More