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March 4

Meeting in Pairs (II)

This week Advaita Kaul and Ghozi paired up and enjoyed a day-out at Playground (https://maps.app.goo.gl/MffG7JtXQefBxm6Q7) in the Karpendonkse Plas, Eindhoven while Audrey Fournier and I went to the Arboretum Park Woodland Country (https://goo.gl/maps/xcQ1a8Avim7LPxQj7) in Meerhoven.


Today was fun. It was cold but conversations with Gozi aka 6021 were fun and we noticed how cold our hands were quite late. Felt very positive and bright after meeting Gozi. We realized how similar Indians and Indonesians society is in certain aspects. Gozi knew so much about Indian film industry i.e Bollywood. It really…... Read More

February 25

Meeting in Pairs (I)

After many virtual meetups, finally meeting at least one friend in person meant a great deal of happiness for all of us. Connecting, exploring the city with a friend, sharing about our new and old experiences in Eindhoven, and realizing we all fall on the same page especially with our admiration towards Eindhoven was wonderful.

So, as planned, we formed 4 pairs: Advaita & Viviana; Audrey & Prajitha; Ghozi & Nikita; and Marcela & Megha. Since Marcela and Ghozi could not meet on Thursday, Marcela & Megha; and Ghozi & Nikita met on Wednesday afternoon and evening respectively. The rest two pairs met on Thursday.

Thank you, Advaita, Audrey, Ghozi, Marcela, Nikita, Prajitha, and Viviana, for making the plan to meet in person possible. It is nice to hear that you all had a wonderful day. And thank you so much for sharing your lovely experien…... Read More

February 18

Colombian Wedding Celebrations

Sharing our experiences, learning about new culture is always wonderful. And today was a day filled with amazing stories and cultural sides of wedding from Chile, Colombia, France, India, and Nepal.

Thank you so much, Audrey, Marcela, Nikita, and Viviana, for coming in today and sharing about wedding culture in your own country. And it was lovely to see our little Pedro. 🤗🙏

And special thanks to Marcela for preparing a wonderful Ppt and sharing your beautiful story and wedding customs. You wanted a princess theme, got your dream-wedding and you looked like a princess. Very happy for you both. 🤗😊🙏

Until next week, stay safe and fijn weekend allemaal!

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