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May 6

Discuss - Update - Plan over materials (2)

Today once again Audrey, Nikita, and I updated each other where we are now and what we are working on for the GiT Photo-exhibition project. We have 2 new additions and soon there will be more.😊

2 New Additions: Audio recording of the short text by Nikita; and Traditional Newari Wedding Music from me. We are now working on the questions (sent by Pennings for getting to know us, spouses, better). Also, we are collecting pictures of items connected to wedding as well as our life in the Netherlands.

Along the process, it was nice going through the wedding pictures and sharing the story connected to them. It was interesting to discuss what red, white, and black colors mean in our cultures. Which is appropriate for a wedding and which is not! We also shared about the small bag or box handed to the wedding guests as a token of appreciation, which usually is a small…... Read More

April 29

Discuss- Update- Plan Over Materials (1)

Today we, Audrey, Laura, Nikita and I, updated each other on what we have received so far and discussed what’s next.

So far, we have 6 Wedding Ritual Ppts; received extra pictures from 2 GiT spouses for the exhibition; and one short story which will also have audio later.

What we and anybody interested to be a part of it are going to do in coming days is keep sharing materials. Since the photo-exhibition is more than just about wedding rituals, each one of us is going to share different pictures, stories, texts, and/ or any other things connected to wedding and/or to our journey from our country to Eindhoven, could be audio and/or visual. For instance, how it was before our move and how it is now; what and how we keep our culture alive; new traditions that entered our life; and such.

We hope to hear from other …... Read More

April 23

Planning Together with the Pennings Team

Thank you, Audrey, Nikita, and Viviana, for joining in today and sharing your ideas. Today was a very productive step towards our next step to preparation and planning.🤗🙏

We visited the Pennings Foundation, met Anke, Irma and Maxime from the foundation. They gave us a tour of the space where we will be having our project. Then, together we all explored over the things and ideas that could be incorporated during the Photo-exhibition. For instance, photos on Wedding rituals, displaying something connected to the wedding, recording our story, and others.

And above all, we know the dates for the exhibition now. 😊 It will be from 26th of June till 17th of July. So, we have until 14th of May to collect necessary materials from our side. And then we will visit them on 21st of May to discuss further.

Of course, more deta…... Read More