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February 2

English Conversation Meetup (04)

We had a diverse conversation yesterday. We shared our views on buying a house 🏠, means of transportation in the Netherlands, Iran and Nepal, and traffic jam.

When it comes to buying a house, everybody had a different opinion. Whether one should buy a house or not? Where would you prefer to go for one? Is moving to a city nearby Eindhoven a better option? How to start searching for one? Do you need a makelaar (estate agent)?

With moving to a different city if needed was eased because of the road an…... Read More

January 26

English Conversation Meetup (03)

For a change we went to Coffeelab Eindhoven on two different days for a coffee meetup. On Wednesday we met in the afternoon. On Thursday we met in the evening. It was a nice way to meet people enjoy a drink, get familiar with a new place and further our English. 

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January 19

English Conversation Meetup (02)

Our meetup started with concern to the recent plane crash in Nepal. It was a very tragic moment for everyone and my GiT friends were concerned about my family and friends back home. They all are okay. 🙏

We talked about how things are back home in Iran. Family and friends are okay. But nothing has changed and it’s not a good idea to visit there yet.

Yes, we started with a bit gloomy news but as we went on we talked about so many other topics: Sports center at the TU/e, applying for a job, BBQ culture, Persian culture, Dutch weather and locals going out in shorts when it’s cold outside, cycling, and converting foreign driver’s license. 

It was interesting as always to exchange about cultural difference and learn more about Persian culture. Hopefully, I will remember a couple of them. 😊 Read More